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One week into his life at HRG and Connor has already hit the ground running!

He finished his first week with five interviews and some great new clients on board.

Monday afternoon exactly one week after him starting and he has made his first placement, Placing a superb Air Conditioning Engineer based in Wales.

The engineer was over the moon and very excited about the Pay rise, Added responsibility and Career advancement he will get in his new role.

The best thing about this is that the position was only given to us on Thursday last week.

Fantastic work all round from Connor, John and Gary Mills all involved in making this happen with superb professionalism and team work.

Another New Trainee Joining the HRG Family!

What a day… The growth continues and we can now confirm we now have Iain Macdonald starting Monday 30th January 2017, Iain has come from a superb customer facing position who has shown a great attitude and willingness to learn the recruitment industry.

Iain is confident he can make a huge impact and create a successful career with the HRG Family.

Iain will be specialising within our huge Packaging Industry dealing with the sales and service side of the business as well as and working alongside others working in the Refrigeration industry and also within the Plant industry,

Very exciting times ahead

New Family Member Joining

2017 has started off with bang and to start the year on the up we have just gained a new family member!

We have Connor Burt starting Monday 16th January 2017, Connor has come from a superb running his own business within the construction industry, Gaining new clients and closing sales.

Connor will be specialising within our huge Security industry and working alongside our security sector specialist Craig Newman.

He will also be working within the busy Construction, White Goods and Commercial Catering Industries.

Very exciting times ahead

Mills & Dunning-Williams Takeover VEGAS!

Last year we set a challenge to win a trip the Las Vegas with Flights accommodation and spending money and everyone gave it a great go and some people just falling short but two people smashed the target and have won the trip away.


Gary Mills and John Dunning-Williams will soon be taking over Vegas.

They have both gone above and beyond and had a superb year.

Enjoy Las Vegas boys and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Craig Newman – Security Specialist

2016 was a very good year for HRG and one of the most pleasing things of the year for the HRG birth of Craig Newman – Craig burst on to the scene in around April 2016 and he has gone from Trainee to Specialist within this short space of time – Craig has become the face of HRG’s Security division and has grown the Fire and Security side of the business 400%

Specialising in the permanent recruitment of Fire and Security specialists from Engineers through to Senior Managers UK Wide.

He has taken the bull by the horns and done a fantastic job.

2017 is already set to be a massive year with Craig currently working over 60 live nationwide positions.

Keep up the good work.

2016 Highest Billers

The Hammond Recruitment Group Highest Billers 2016:


1st) John Dunning-Williams

2nd) Gary Mills

3rd) Pete Cobb


A special mention goes to Gary Mills who had a fantastic year moving up the ladder and coming back to the business after trying something different.

I think Gary would agree with the saying ‘The grass is not always greener on the other side’

Gary is without doubt a huge personality and future of the business going forward.

Gary will hopefully this year start running his own team of consultants to keep building the business and keeping up with client demand.


New Member Joining The Hammond Family

We have Dave Murray starting tomorrow, Dave becomes the third person to start at HRG in the last four months.

Very exciting and it shows how strong we are to be growing at such a rapid rate in a time when many companies are struggling or standing still.

Hopefully we can get two more trainee consultants on before Winter.

Very exciting times ahead

Wedding Bells

The Hammond Recruitment Group would like to say a massive congratulations to Pete Cobb and Ami Cobb on the successful wedding day in Mexico.

The whole company wish you many years of happiness and takeaways!!

First wedding of the year done – two more HRG weddings to go!!

Consultant of the Month January 2016

The HRG Consultant of the month has been chosen and once again it was Gary Mills!

For the second month in a row Gary Mills walks away with the prize money and an all expenses paid meal at a venue of his choice.

Hard work, Dedication, Drive and Ambition has been his four attributes that have got him the prize.

Huge congratulations to Gary – Now for the hat trick!!



Record Breaking Month for January.

What a start to the year for HRG, Record breaking month for January.

Every KPI Smashed, Monthly target Smashed, Atmosphere and drive are at the highest level in the HRG offices.

Very well done for a superb January and a great start to the year.